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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Job Description


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for the strategic planning, operations, external relations, clinical and maintenance functions of all Timbercrest service lines. The COO will assume corporate responsibilities assigned by the Chief Executive Officer; implementing strategies to achieve goals established in an annual operating plan; ensuring compliance with operation standards and procedures, and regulatory requirements; organizing the work, activities, and performance standards of the service lines; directly supervising assigned personnel; communicating with staff, Management Team; providing periodic reports to the CEO and the board.

The COO serves as an active member of the Management Team, helping to develop and implement the organization’s vision and mission. The COO reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).



A B.S. or B.A. degree in health care administration, a business related field required. A Master’s degree in business administration or health care administration is preferred.


Currently possess and maintains in good standing, a license as a Health Facilities Administrator from the State of Indiana, or be immediately qualified to transfer a license from a reciprocal state upon hire.


A minimum of five (5) years of administrative experience in senior services or health care management in an organization of comparable size, scope, and complexity. Five years of experience is preferred in multi-departmental or multi-facility line management.

CCRC experience in an operational leadership role encompassing dining, environmental services, security, housekeeping, and transportation is preferred.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Interact with residents, resident’s families, staff, vendors, and the general public in ways that demonstrate Timbercrest’s commitment to courtesy, service, hospitality, and excellence.
  • Serve as the Compliance Officer and manage all responsibilities related to the duties of the office as identified in state and federal regulations governing facility standards.
  • Receives from the Administrator of Record overall QAPI objectives of the organization, and participates in the multi-disciplinary activities of QAPI.
  • In conjunction with the strategic plan, create and implement with supervised directors, work plans to achieve the identified objectives.
  • Plan, organize, direct, evaluate, and modify departmental performance in assigned areas in furtherance of strategic and annual goals and objectives.
  • Direct report for the following departments: Dietary, Housekeeping, Laundry, Nursing, Resident Care, Program and Services and other departments as directed by CEO.
  • Ensures that departmental operations, projects, and programs are carried out in accordance with applicable regulation and organizational policy.
  • Establishes annual goals and objectives for subordinate functions.
  • Periodically evaluates performance and provides support for improvement.
  • Supports the CEO in ensuring that plans and programs are appropriate and consistent with the strategic plan, mission, and vision of Timbercrest.
  • Communicates with the CEO, other managers, and appropriate staff personnel in order to integrate goals and activities.
  • As requested by the CEO, supports the Board and board committees.
  • In conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), perform quarterly budget and operational meetings with department heads to identify issues related to expenses, staffing, and any other concerns.
  • Assures financial, operational, and staff development outcomes which meet organizational needs, expectation, and culture.
  • Monitor and report change in legal, regulatory, and administrative environments so as to implement required changes to maintain operational compliance.
  • Identifies, prevents, and reports actual or suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation, and improper use of chemical and physical restraints, in accordance with standards and policy.
  • Cooperates with, participates in, and supports the adherence to all Agency standards, procedures, and practices in support of risk management and overall safety and compliance with regulatory requirements, i.e., HIPAA, OSHA, etc., and ensures that the department and all personnel adhere to the same.
  • Serves as the interim CEO in the event, the CEO is incapacitated, and as authorized by the board of directors.




Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics:

Knowledge Of:

  • Knowledge of Quality Assurance/ Performance Improvement methodology, practice, and functionality.
  • Organizational compliance program requirements are understood and applied proactively in the process of the program.
  • Organization and management of multiple tasks.
  • Possesses a working knowledge of human resource related laws, regulations, and practices.
  • Assisted by Human Resources in the recruitment and hiring process for department head vacancies.
  • General office software, particularly Microsoft Office Suite.

Ability To:

  • Supervise staff, develop job descriptions and provide performance evaluations and improvement plans.
  • Analyze and solve problems effectively and efficiently.
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Work well with, and be responsive to the needs of, internal and external customers, including the Board of Directors, contracting companies, other provider organizations.
  • Manage priorities effectively to meet deadlines and demonstrate multi-tasking skills.
  • Assimilate new information and technology.
  • Foster and cultivate business opportunities and partnerships.
  • Interacts with colleagues in ways that assist in the successful performance of their duties.
  • Abides by the current laws and organizational standards and procedures designed and implemented to promote an environment free of sexual harassment and other forms of illegal, discriminatory behavior in the workplace.


  • Abides by and supports the organization’s code of conduct by exhibiting behavior set forth in the code of conduct. Performs duties in accordance with the code of conduct and completes annual compliance training.