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Medical Records/Quality Care Coordinator Nurse

The Medical Records/Quality Care Coordinator must be a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse in the State of Indiana. Experience in long term care with a working knowledge of Indiana State Department of Health Regulations and experience with Medicare and Medicaid programs is preferred. Preferred but not required to have certification to teach CNA and QMA classes.

General Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for nursing and personal care provided to residents in either the Comprehensive Care Unit (Health Care and/or Crestwood) or the Licensed Residential areas of Timbercrest.
2. Remains cognizant of changes in conditions of residents; informs physicians and family members/responsible parties of changes when appropriate.
3. Provides supervision to a staff of Certified Nursing Assistants and Qualified Medication Aides.
4. Assigns work to ancillary staff assuring that resident needs are met.
a. Aides provided personal care and administering medications to residents.
b. Provides guidance, conducts periodic performance evaluations offers instruction as needed.
c. Assists with orientation and educational programs for nursing personnel
5. Oversees the preparation and administration of medications.
6. Administers treatments as ordered.
7. Maintains complete documentation of care using MatrixCare electronic medical records system.
8. Assure provisions of prescribed diets and fluid intakes.
9. See that restorative nursing procedures are performed according to established protocols.
10. Verifies inventory of drugs covered by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.
11. Provides complete report from previous shift and provides same to following shift.
12. Asks for guidance from Director or Assistant Director of Nursing as needed.
13. Tracks infections throughout the facility and presents information at facility’s QAPI meeting.
14. Coordinates flu clinics for staff and residents.
15. Coordinates and tracks TB tests for staff and residents.
16. Coordinates with HR to perform preemployment TB tests and physical examinations.
17. Coordinates and tracks pneumonia vaccines for residents.
18. Assist with closing and opening new events and observations in MatrixCare.
19. Attaches and scans medical records.
20. Performs audits as assigned by the DON/ADON.
21. Attends the Clinical Care meeting daily, attends the Therapy meeting weekly, and attends IDT meeting weekly.
22. Assists with training of new nurses, CNA’s, and QMA’s.
23. Teaches CNA and QMA class if applicable.